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Chico Orange 4 years ago • updated by AIT WordPress Themes 4 years ago 1

I can see that "search keywords" only works and show results IF the searched keyword was found on the title of the post.

But how do we add tags? for example:

If I wanna show the result as:
MgRonalds Restaurant

with the following search keyword "fastfood" or "food"


Martin Kotys 5 years ago • updated by Papaya 4 years ago 2

Hey guys, we're already working our brains off on brand new flashy admin panel. If you have any suggestions, just post them here :)

Samitha Grr Marasinghe 5 years ago • updated by Joutiar Ghaderyan 4 years ago 2

hi this is a great theme. 

can you update with near by places on right side bar? i think its really worth to put that

Mirko Herrmann 5 years ago • updated by cullen adams 4 years ago 3

A click-to-call button (instead of text only phone number) is absolutely neccessary for the mobile version

mARTin B. 4 years ago • updated by Himanshu Tanna 5 months ago 4

This Business Finder plus Buddypress / bbpress Integration would be the perfect Theme for Small Social Networks. 
Important is one single page where the Users can manage their Profile.
Please make it happen. 

Nemanja Radevic 5 years ago • updated by Brad Acutt 4 years ago 8

i bought this theme because i loved the slider... and i setup the whole site but i cannot setup the slider as easy as it was to setup the theme

Wiktor Vincej 5 years ago 0

None of your themes has parallax slider. I would recommend you to use it because it's kind of trend in webdesign nowadays.

Wade West 4 years ago • updated by Kenia Lama 3 years ago 3

Add a feature that allows for bulk import of items. (perhaps via xml, csv etc.)

One by one entry of items is not efficient for entries in 100's or 1000's.