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Support needed

Robert Kushner 4 years ago 0
Is any support available like chat, phone or email?

Sales Question. Before I buy...can you do this inside the theme?

anthony schafer 5 years ago • updated by AIT WordPress Themes 5 years ago 1
Hi AitThemes....
Im looking at this theme and Im wanting to know when someone submits a listing or you upload the listing I want to be able to segment only on certain criteria. Im not interested in local restaurants etc. I want to make a directory for companies. Can I change the submission criteria and filters for business questions? Like companies is in NYC, Sells Security or Cloud Products and company revenues are 35 million dollars. Can I do this instead of your drop down listing of "restaurant", "IT Services". I am only looking to make a directory of companies larger than your local MOM and POPs. Make sense?


Can I adapt this theme to my Accounting office?

Marcos A Tejeda 5 years ago • updated by AIT WordPress Themes 5 years ago 1

I have an accounting and income tax business. I love this theme. (is this a wordpress theme?)

Can I adapt this theme to my Accounting office?


I can not login I purchase a theme

Willie J Miller 4 years ago 0


Gaurav Kotak 4 years ago • updated by AIT WordPress Themes 4 years ago 1
I love the Business Finder Theme. But we are not using Wordpress. Is there a way to buy HTML-only theme?

Can I use the Touroperator theme for a Art community site?

David Andersson 5 years ago • updated by AIT WordPress Themes 5 years ago 1

I need to be able the change some definitions like Hotel should become Artist and Room should become art. Do you have a temp license to setup and test the theme.




Add limit the number of categories to be selected in each listing

Marc 3 years ago 0
It would be very useful to add a limit in the packages for categories to be selected. Now its possible to select all available categories when adding a listing.... With a limit for categories it would also  be possible to create packages with different number of categories that can be selected. 

Add "latest Item" widget

Axcelluloid 5 years ago • updated by AIT WordPress Themes 5 years ago 1
To add a widget with "Latest added Items" would be a great way to make the website more vivd.



Webilicity Visualicity 5 years ago 0

We would like to enter into a partnership to sell your Software, Themes, Graphics and Plugins via our marketplace Webilicity.com. Majority of the web developers, programmers, designers and vendors, keep themselves busy with their one or several clients or use one platform only to sell their themes, designs, software and do not comprehend that they are not getting the complete result of their potential.

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8.  Upon sales of your listed products on Webilicity Marketplaces, you will be paid every two weeks via PayPal, MoneyBookers or AlertPay.

9.  If you do not have time to create an account and upload your products to our marketplace, then with your written permission, we can help you by creating your account on Webilicity.com, upload your products, logo, and banner, do your Meta Tags and write your item description free of charge.

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I want to add your theme to my site for customer selection, is possible? there is an affiliate program partner? thanks

info info 5 years ago • updated by Ait Themes 5 years ago 1

Is possible to add your themes to my site for customer selection? There is an affiliate partner program? thanks.