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Alabi Destiny 3 years ago • updated by AIT WordPress Themes 3 years ago 1
This is a fantastic theme.......... I love it
yogesh sharma 4 years ago • updated by AIT WordPress Themes 4 years ago 1

If we can get direction for our place to a particular place  on map then it would be good for users and website owner as well

eBeautyMall 4 years ago • updated by ดีเร็ก ฟาน ออพสเตล 4 years ago 2

We bought Directory Theme from you (3 weeks ago) and spend those weeks trying to fit the problems that the theme have (see the Forum of this theme), and trying to guess the way it work (because it have very poor documentation) – until  now we have not put the website in production. Now you create a similar theme (practically the same) with the problem from Directory solved and we have to pay again for the new one. Do you think this is an honest way to do business? TRUST IS THE KEY – REMEMBER THAT.

Christophe Logel 5 years ago • updated by Ait Themes 5 years ago 1

Are user rating functionalities available for the results (on map result widget and on results details) ?

I would like to integrate a user rating functionality with this template, in order to let users rating the results in the details, and showing the average rate on the map per result.

Tomasz Leppich 5 years ago 0

Please provide some information how to set up the e-mail notification from the reservation form to this post: http://www.ait-themes.com/doc/special-reservation-form/?theme=ristorante-wordpress-theme. It took me a long while to figure out how to set up the emial notifications correctly. Then I saw you have it explains for the other themes like this one: http://www.ait-themes.com/doc/setting-up-room-viewer/?theme=guesthouse-wordpress-theme

Just post the same information to the special reservation form for ristorante. 

Marie Dakin 5 years ago 0

On each listing page it would be good to have 3 thumbnails of related listings at the very bottom so if the one not right they try another especially on mobile as fiddly to scroll around instead of pressing.

Kyle Newman 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 4

Suggest you add a search box to your website. Am trying to find something and having difficulty.

Deia Lima 5 years ago 0

Hello, need theme impression in responsive version. Anyone can help?

Has anyone adapted this theme to be responsive, or can help me with advice on how to turn this theme into a responsive theme?

Any help will be appreciated!

J.A.Z Lambert 5 years ago • updated by benson childress 4 years ago 2
Hi there,

Looking to purchase the WP Directory theme within the next 24 hours. Would really like the ability to show a polyline map between points. Is there any possibility or plan to add the polyline - routemapping - function to the UI in a next theme update?


A. Lambert

Papaya 5 years ago • updated by Ait Themes 5 years ago 3

Wish it was possible to enhance Google maps used with the Directory theme with custom maps and to add custom markers via Google API or different methods.